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OMFG so my 70-year-old grandmother just found two long-lost half sisters about a year ago (Her mother never told her who her father was so after YEARS of searching she finally found out who he was and that he had two daughters.) Anyway, one of them is a lesbian, and apparently they took a picture together that was a little crooked and my grandma was like “It isn’t straight because you aren’t, Leslie.” HAHA lord. 

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Remember when we sat on the couch and literally watched the whole 4th season of Arrested Development non-stop, in one sitting, no breaks?? Yeah.

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i cant wait to watch all of ointb in one day 

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New Trailer: ‘Orange Is the New Black' Season 2 - June 6

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I made an Appa Kigurumi yesterday. I seriously can’t stop wearing it. So comfy >.<

Awesome! I drew Korra in a similar outfit before.

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please watch this video


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This is… not any less creepy in daylight

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When Michael Jackson gets woke up for school
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aquaman you dumbfuck


aquaman you dumbfuck

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I’m completely caught up with Fairy Tail! New episode tomorrow night! This show is killing me!